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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           TFC axe training

Alums Smokee and Tyla, Natalie Beittel and Kyle Peckham, authored One Hundred Summers: The People of the Appalachian Mountain Club Professional White Mountain Trail Crew, Their Work and Adventures. The authors traveled the country interviewing other alums. Get information and order your copy here: published Meet the Dedicated AMC Crews Who Maintain Our White Mountain Trails, by Meghan McCarthy McPhaul, photos by Joe Klementovich, March 13, 2019 :

The Outside/In program of New Hampshire Public Radio published WTF is TFC? , produced by Sam Evans-Brown, Logan Shannon, and Cordelia Zars on August 18, 2016. Read the story and play the audio here:

TCA alum Lee Burnett pens a series of articles on Trail Crew and related history. Check back for updates here:

Breaking Trail Lee Burnett

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