Cabin Registration and User Fees

As of 2021, the TCA is implementing a Registration and User Fee policy, to help support and maintain Shelburne Cabin – cover costs of repairs, maintenance, lease payments, taxes, insurance, etc.

The User Fee is a suggested donation of $10 per person per night. As a suggested donation, TCA intends for a sliding scale for Users. If you can afford more, please help out. If you need to, pay less – we don’t want to keep any Alumni from having access to using the cabin. Even if you cannot afford to pay, everyone must fill out the TCA Shelburne Cabin Users’ Agreement each calendar year.


  • For the Suggested Donation ($10 per person per night) payments, please use the quantity selector next to the “Add to cart” button to designate the total number of User nights. As an example, 2 people staying 2 nights would be 4 User nights.
  • For the Custom payment, please pay what you’re able to, whether that’s less or more than the Suggested Donation. If you’re not able to pay, you can enter a zero.

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