Axe Training (Friday)

Trail Crew Association

Axe Training Day

Date: July 12, 2024

Location: Saco River District Forest Service Office, Conway, NH

Instructor: Cristin Bailey ([email protected])

Greetings, anyone interested in Ax Day, please read the message below.  ALL attendees need to see the required equipment list below so please forward if necessary.

2024 Ax Day 8:30am start:

Friday, July 12 @ Saco RD

AMC Skills College May Thurs May 16 & Monday May 20 (these classes are being coordinated by AMC and will fill fast)

As a reminder, on WMNF if you chop you are required to take this training.  Annual participation is encouraged for those using axes regularly. We will discuss ax safety, history, hanging, maintenance and chopping techniques.  We will spend time with each participant to encourage safe, efficient chopping & maintenance techniques.  Everyone is encouraged to share knowledge and experience concerning ax use at Ax Day.

If you are an experienced chopper, you will be asked to assist in chopping instruction so long as you are comfortable.

Each participant should read the Risk Analysis and be prepared for their training day with the following:

  • Single Bit Ax (3 lb+) or Double-bit Ax if you have supervisor approval w/appropriate length handle & suitable sheath
  • Leather Work Gloves
  • Eye Protection
  • FULL Leather Boots
  • Long Pants
  • Hard Hat
  • Mill Bastard File w/guard
  • Round Stone
  • C-Clamp
  • Lunch, Water
  • Rain Gear

Optional; watch these short minute videos prior to Ax Day:

Pioneer Ax

Hydraulic Press

The new FS ax manual can be found here; all attendees will receive a hard copy.

I look forward to chopping with you,


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