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Centennial Initiative

Calling veterans of the AMC White Mountain Professional Trail Crew

Get your Professional Trail Crew Shirt!

These shirts may now be purchased by any former member of the AMC Professional White Mountain Trail Crew.  Here are two documents that will describe the shirt options in detail.

LLBean Digital Catalog

Order Form

In summary:

First, is an LLBean catalogue that shows the shirts, the logos, the logo color choices, sizes available and the catalogue stock numbers that identify each of the options.   It also includes the LLBean size charts for men and women.  Please note that the prices shown do not include a $6.95 shipping fee per shirt, and any sales tax appropriate to the location of the purchaser.

Second, is an Excel spreadsheet order form.  This form can be used by an individual buying one or a few shirts as a work sheet to simplify organizing the information needed to place an order by phone at the number shown at the top of the form.  For anyone ordering a large number of shirts the form can be filled out and a screen shot of the form then mailed to LLBean at

In filling out the form each row in the form must be filled out from left to right, so that the proper drop-down menus appear in the cell next to the right.  These drop-down menus allow quick and easy choice of all the options available in the shirt of your choice.

Important: There are separate styles for men and for women, all in the same Hunter Green color, with  a choice of two different logos - one that fits only on the men’s shirt, and one that fits on either the men’s or women’s shirt; and finally, in addition to the choice of two different logos, each logo is available in a choice of three thread colors:  white, mint green and brown.

This initiative was launched in collaboration by 2017 Trail Master Sam Kilburn, and carried on by 2018 Trail Master Marshall Pontrelli, with assistance from Ben English.  This initiative was managed by Bob Watts, a member of the TCA Board of Directors, with the assistance of the LLBeanbusiness staff.

While the TCA is responsible for having launched this initiative, we’re delighted to report that the AMC has agreed to buy each new first-year hire his or her own shirt at the start of each season - so we now have a valuable tradition in the making. All returning members of the crew this year already have their shirts, as will returning crew members in the years ahead.  Only one shirt will be purchased for each member of the crew, though they may certainly buy additional shirts.

The TCA Board challenges all veterans of the AMC Pro Trail Crew to order a shirt and to wear it to the Centennial Celebration August 23-25, 2019!