“Serving the Pro Trail Crew, Caretakers and the AMC Trails Department—past, present and future.”

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TCA Cabin

The Cabin and surrounding leased one acre of land is for the use of TFC “alumni/ae, and their immediate families and guests only.

The cabin is shared subject to a “Use Agreement” with Robert Proudman who built the first and smaller frame building in 1974. In 1999, the Trail Crew Alumni Association (TFC) was incorporated as a New Hampshire Not For Profit Corporation. Proudman’s lease with the landowner was conveyed to the TFC in perpetuity in return for his life tenancy in the little cabin.

Bruce Davis (Trail Crew 1971-74; Cabin builder 1975) joined the TCA board in November 2017, specifically to take on cabin stewardship.  Others are encouraged to participate in the stewardship of the cabin.

Read the latest Cabin Reports:

TCA 2018 Cabin maintenance plan

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TCA Board Members

​The TCA is governed by By-Laws and Articles of Association. (click on these links to read and review them.


Mark Dannenhauer, President
Shutesbury, MA

Don Stevens, Vice President
1968-71 (Trail Boss 1971)
Whittier, AK

Peter S. Jensen, Treasurer
1976-79 Trail Master
Washington, VT

Sam Kilburn, Secretary
2014-2017 (TM 2017)
Acton, MA

Committees (alpha order):

Bruce Davis, Chair

Bruce Jacobson, Chair
Centennial Planning Committee

Colin Pogue, Chair

Lee Burnett, Chair
History & Archives

Bob Watts, Historian Emeritus
Portsmouth, RI

​Rachel Wheeler, Chair

Directors (alpha order):

In addition to Officers-

Bruce Davis
Portland, ME

Bruce Jacobson
1974-1977 (TM 1977)
Framingham, MA

John Lamanna
Glen, NH

Marshall Pontrelli
2014-18 (TM 2018)
Winchester, MA

Rachel Wheeler
1991-95 (First woman TM 1995)
Indianapolis, IN

Ex officio Members:

Zack Urgese, Trails Supervisor

Abigail Lown, 2019 Trail Master