Treasurer's Report:

2017-18 Treasurer's Report

Dues ensure:

• The continued printing and mailing of Chips & Clippings
• Maintenance of the Shelburne Cabin into perpetuity (taxes, Land Lease payments, propaine, firewood, upkeep, etc.)

• A Reunion, year after year, where you can reunite and reacquaint yourself with an important part of your life
• Cost of establishing and maintaining this web site
• Other communication vehicles (i.e. Constant Contact)
• Support of current crew – End of the Year celebration and recognition, donations for upgrades to Hutton Lodge, donations to support added resources not funded by AMC

Fundraising Initiatives 

1950s Crews Challenge - This past fall, new stoves for the Shelburne Cabin were funded to honor the memory of Douglas W. Rankin, 1949-53, TM 1952 & 53 and all deceased alumni of the AMC White Mountain Professional Trail Crew.  Funds for the stoves replacement were provided by the following four members of Doug Rankin’s crews, as underlined in the photo of the 1953 Trail Crew:
                                                                        David (Stretch) Hayes 19521955 (TM)
                                                                        Dobie Jenkins 1952-1955 & 1960
                                                                        Josef Orosz 1951-1954 (TM)
                                                                        Bob Watts 1952-1955 and Member of the Trail Crew Association Board 

$4,250 in donated funds have been restricted for fire-safety improvements. One of three old stoves has already been removed from the site. Bruce Davis is planning and designing modern thermostatically controlled stoves, and code compliant shielding, and installations. Mason and former Board member Marc Lacroix has already mocked-up and tested masonry and -steel improvements to the fireplace with Bruce.

Bob Watts challenges, “We need everyone’s support and dedication to aid current and future crews and to maintain our Cabin, which has become a major facet of life on current-day crews. As we begin our Second Century of service,we hope alumni/ae from other decades will accept this as a challenge to get behind the Shelburne Cabin upgrade and restoration project – we hope each decade of alumni will try to beat the gift level of our very small and ancient 50’s cohortYOU CAN DO IT!

• Current Crew needs our assistance!  Make a tax deductible donation to the AMC

Please give generously.  Specify that your donation should go exclusively to the Professional Trail Crew.

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