Saturday,  August 24, 2019

9 a.m. to midnight (or thereabouts)

under a 60' x 100' tent at the base of the Auto Road

Currently Scheduled to Appear:

  • Lots of alums and their families from the '40s to current crew, with lots of time to hang out, network, and whatever (we're planning for 300).
  • Design your own activity, what do you want to show, tell, see, do at a 100 year trail crew event?  Friday and Sunday are possible options too. 
  • Trail Crew Olympics, patterned after the 1st Olympiad in 1994, once every 25 years. 
  • Oral history and research sessions, also patterned after the 75th Reunion sessions in 1994. 
  • Previews of TCA-sponsored Camp Dodge Enhancements: a stone patio for the new Hutton Lodge, a demonstration trail with contemporary and historical trail work techniques in place, and a set of interpretive panels on White Mountain trails. 
  • Slideshows: the history of Shelburne cabin, Bob Proudman's history of trails via recording, modern intensive-use trail building, and more. 
  • Movies: Short films from Mark Dannenhauer's 5 years of filming current crew and alums, working towards a 2020 feature film. 
  • Special Awards
  • Bluegrass band Tricky Britches
  • Commissioned Trail Crew Epic, debut performance by epic storyteller Odds Bodkin
  • Late night campfire

And there's food. We were going to have Dodge food, long a favorite. But Camp Dodge is under construction all summer so we had to find an alternative, Woodbelly Catering from Montpelier VT. They'll be providing what they call "wood-fired nourishment" on their portable wood-fired ovens and grills. They favor local, farm to table ingredients for a variety of lunch and dinner dishes include pizzas (locally milled flour, seasonal organic vegetables, local meats and cheeses), wicked salads, a pig roast, and vegan and vegetarian options. To help keep costs down, we'll need to get an accurate advance count for lunch and dinner, so reservations will be necessary. 

Thanks, and hope to see you there, your Centennial Planning Committee:  Lee Burnett, Mark Dannenhauer, Jake Jacobson (chair), Peter Jensen, Steve Rice, Nik Santagate, Rachel Wheeler, Bob White, Barbara Whiton.